36C25220Q0803 – Sources Sought – 3740– Bed Bug Treatment Oven

Aug 19, 2020 | Sources Sought

Salient Characteristics
Self-contained heating cabinet;
Uses 220 VAC Single Phase 20 AMP power;
Shall maintain the proper temperature (+/-5ºF);
Exterior is a painted, heavy-duty, all steel cabinet;
The interior surface will be insulated; and
The entire unit is mounted on casters.
Fits space dimensions
The following is a description of a particular brand. Vendors must be able to offer similar features.
Standard Size Unit – Bed Bug Treatment Oven Self-contained heating cabinet measures outside 72″ x 36″ x 24″, inside treatment area 70″H x 34″W x 22″D. Overall dimensions are 89″H x 53″W x 28″D or smaller. Insulated cabinet uses 1 electric heating element and a gentle forced air system; all controlled by a pre-programmed digital controller. Uses 220 VAC Single Phase 20 AMP power. Unit will come with a pre-wired cord that will plug into a NEMA Configuration 6-20R receptacle.
Digital controller shall maintain the proper temperature (+/-5?F). Pre-programmed digital controller allows for a low temperature (120?F) and high temperature (180?F) cut off limits and a set point of 130 F. The duct system will have an independent sensor that will trip open in case of an over-temperature condition such as fan or temperature controller failure. An over-temperature fault light will be provided. Power will have to be cycled to the cabinet in order to reset the fault.
Exterior is a gray painted, heavy-duty, all steel cabinet. The entire unit is mounted on casters. The interior of the unit shall have two open mesh baskets that slide out to the front for the loading of the items to be treated. The interior surface will be insulated with a minimum of 1″ thick black Armaflex rubber insulation. The insulation seams and joints are foil taped for safety and convenience. The heating elements and blower unit are mounted to the top of the unit and are protected by a metal grill. The heating elements and fan are removable for maintenance. Oven has 2 thermocouples – one for air temperature and one for treated item temperature.
Basic Operation is as follows: When items are loaded into the basket(s), a thermal probe is inserted in with the items. At the start of the cycle, the operator loads the cabinet, closes the doors and presses the start button. The oven circulates air at approximately 180 degrees F. Once the temperature of the items being treated reaches 130 degrees F (the thermal probe inserted in the basket), a timer starts. After the temperature of the items being treated has been above 130 degrees F for a half hour, the oven automatically shuts off and a light will illuminate to indicate the cycle is complete. The heaters will turn off but the fans will continue to circulate. Opening the door will reset the timer. A stop button is provided to stop the heat cycle prematurely.

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