36C25020Q1091 – Combined Synopsis/Solicitation – PharmaRoam Refrigerator

Sep 16, 2020 | SDVOSB Set-Asides

In order to accommodate the expected need for storage of influenza vaccines as well as the expected CoVid19 vaccines and considering the present need for storage of CoVid19 test swabs, it has been determined that the CBOCs should have a battery-optional (power outage safe), mobile refrigeration solution that can provide additional storage capacity to the current mains-power dependent lab refrigeration available in each facility.

The units will be introduced asap into the CBOC facilities with oversight by the NM and laboratory personnel, providing well needed temperature controlled storage for the coming need for increased storage space. The units will be placed into service immediately and continue to provide service through the pandemic period.

Provide requested refrigeration devices, support with required information and any needed service during the period of expected life through retirement of the asset.

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