36C24721Q1260 – Combined Synopsis/Solicitation – R702–Tumor Registry Services

Sep 4, 2021 | SDVOSB Set-Asides


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Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
Tumor Registry Services
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(i) This is a COMBINED SYNOPSIS/SOLICITATION for commercial services/items prepared in accordance with the format in FAR subpart 12.6, in conjunction with the policies and procedures for solicitation, evaluation, and award as prescribed under FAR 13.1, and as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation; quotes are being requested and a written solicitation will not be issued.
(ii) Solicitation# 36C24721Q1260 is issued as a request for quotation (RFQ) COMBINED SYNOPSIS / SOLICITATION.
(iii) The provisions and clauses incorporated into this solicitation document are those in effect through Federal Acquisition Circular 2021-06, July 12, 2021. Provisions and clauses incorporated by reference have the same force and effect as if they were given in full text. The full text of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and Veterans Affairs Acquisition Regulations supplement (VAAR) can be accessed on the Internet at http://www.acquisition.gov/far/ (FAR) and http://www.va.gov/oal/library/vaar/ (VAAR). Additionally, 52.203-98, Prohibition on Contracting with Entities that Require Certain Internal Confidentiality Agreements Representation (DEVIATION 2015-02) and 52.203-98, Prohibition on Contracting with Entities that Require Certain Internal Confidentiality Agreements Representation (DEVIATION 2015-02) are incorporated into this solicitation.

(iv) This combined/synopsis solicitation is set aside for Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) in accordance with VAAR 852.219-10. The acquisition will be made pursuant to the authority in FAR 13 to use simplified procedures for commercial items. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code is NAICS 518210; DATA PROCESSING, HOSTING, AND RELATED SERVICES; Small Business Size Standard $35 million.
(v) Only Department of Veterans Affairs Center for Veterans Enterprise (CVE) Vendor Information Pages (VIP) VetBiz verified SDVOSB firms are eligible to submit an offer or receive an award of a VA contract that is set-aside for SDVOSB in accordance with VAAR Part 819. A non-verified vendor that submits a bid or proposal will be considered non-responsive and ineligible for award as listing in VIP is not self-correctable as a minor informality as, for example, a listing in SAM. The VIP database will be checked both upon receipt of an offer and prior to award.

(vi) The Contractor shall provide all necessary staffing and resources needed to properly maintain and provide Ralph H. Johnson VAMC, Charleston, SC 29401/VISN 07 Cancer Registry database services in accordance with 100% of the current American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer Registry standards and Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Cancer Registry requirements. See Performance Work Statement for additional details. All interested parties shall provide offer(s) for a base plus 4 option year period of performance.

The rates found in Wage Determination No.: 2015-4427 Rev 17 will be in effect for the base year period of performance.


Place of Performance
Department of Veterans Affairs
Ralph H. Johnson VAMC
109 Bee Street
Charleston, South Carolina
Postal Code:

Period of Performance

Base Year: 12/15/2021 thru 12/14/2022 plus four option years.

The following solicitation provisions apply to this acquisition:
FAR 52.212-1, Instructions to Offerors Commercial Items October 2018
52.212-2 Evaluation – Commercial Items: FAR provision 52.212-2 applies to this solicitation.
Basis for Award. The Government will issue a purchase order to the responsible quoter whose quotation conforming to the solicitation will be most advantageous to the Government, price and other factors considered.
The following factors shall be used to evaluate quotations: Technical Capability, Past Performance, and Price.
Technical Capability
Past Performance
Evaluation Approach. The Government will evaluate quotations using the comparative evaluation process outlined in FAR 13.106-2 (b) (3), where quotations will be compared to one another to determine which provides the best benefit to the Government. The Government reserves the right to consider a quotation other than the lowest price that provides additional benefit(s). Quotations may exceed minimum requirements of the solicitation. The Government reserves the right to select a quotation that provides benefit to the Government that exceeds the minimum requirements of the solicitation, but is not required to do so. Each response must meet the minimum requirements of the solicitation. The Government is not requesting or accepting alternate quotations. The evaluation will consider the following:
Technical Capability: The contractor will be a Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR) and shall provide certification(s) of current credential status to provide abstracting services at the time of proposal submission. With proposal submission the contractor shall show proof that those providing abstracting services are Certified Tumor Registrars through the National Cancer Registrars Association. The Contractor shall verify its personnel s current certification status with the National Cancer Registrars Association and shall provide evidence of certification with their proposal submission.
Past Performance: The Contractor shall submit documentation on how they managed a Cancer Registry program within the last two years with exposer to the American College of Surgeons (ACOS) Commission on Cancer (CoC) Standards in accordance with (IAW) the current Cancer Program Standards: Ensuring Patient-Centered Care (2016 Edition and all Commission on Cancer regulatory standards

There are two aspects to the past performance evaluation:
Relevancy of contractual work performed and;
How well the contractual work was performed

Relevant is defined as contracts awarded within the last two (2) years that include services that are similar in complexity, dollar value, contract type, scope of work and degree of subcontract and teaming. The second aspect of the past performance evaluation is to determine how well the contractor performed on the contracts.
The Government will review past performance information and determine the quality and usefulness as it applies to performance. The government reserves the right to obtain past performance information from any available sources and may contact customers other than those identified by the offeror when evaluating past performance.
Offerors without relevant past performance history will not be evaluated favorably or unfavorably.
Price: The Government will evaluate the price by adding the total of all line item prices, including all options. The Total Evaluated Price will be that sum.
Options: The Government will evaluate quotations for award purposes by adding the total price for all options to the total price for the basic requirement
Award without discussions is contemplated and all offerors are encouraged to submit their best offer with their initial submission.
(End of Provision)

FAR 52.212-3, Offeror Representations and Certifications – Commercial Items- System for Award Management (SAM) located at www.sam.gov will be checked to verify ACTIVE registration status and self-certification for the required socio-economic category.

Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) Number. (Applies to all offers exceeding $3,000, and offers of $3,000 or less if the solicitation requires the Contractor to be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) database.

The following contract clauses apply to this acquisition:
FAR 52.212-4, Contract Terms and Conditions Commercial Items October 2018
FAR 52.212-5, Contract Terms and Conditions Required to Implement Statutes or Executive Orders January 2020
52.217-5, Evaluation of Options July 1990, Except when it is determined in accordance with FAR 17.206(b) not to be in the Government s best interests, the Government will evaluate offers for award purposes by adding the total price for all options to the total price for the basic requirement. Evaluation of options will not obligate the Government to exercise the option(s).
52.217-8, Option to Extend Services November 1999, The Government may require continued performance of any services within the limits and at the rates specified in the contract. These rates may be adjusted only as a result of revisions to prevailing labor rates provided by the Secretary of Labor. The option provision may be exercised more than once, but the total extension of performance hereunder shall not exceed 6 months. The Contracting Officer may exercise the option by written notice to the Contractor within 30 days.
Addendum to 52.217-8, For purposes of award of this Contract, the Government intends to evaluate the option to extend services under FAR 52.217-8 as follows: The evaluation will consider the possibility that the option can be exercised at any time and can be exercised in increments of one to six months, but not for more than a total of six months during the life of the contract. The evaluation will assume that the prices for any option exercised under FAR 52.217-8 will be those rates in effect under the contract each time an option is exercised under this clause. The evaluation will therefore assume that the addition of the price or prices of any possible extension or extensions under FAR 52.217-8 to the total price for the basic requirement and the total price for the priced options has the same effect on the total price of all proposals relative to each other, and will not affect the ranking of proposals based on price, unless, after reviewing the proposals, the Government determines that there is a basis for finding otherwise. This evaluation will not obligate the Government to exercise any option under FAR 52.217-8.

52.217-9, Option to Extend the Term of the Contract (Mar 2000), a) The Government may extend the term of this contract by written notice to the Contractor within 30 days; provided that the Government gives the Contractor a preliminary written notice of its intent to extend at least 60 days before the contract expires. The preliminary notice does not commit the Government to an extension.

The total duration of this contract, including the exercise of any options under this clause, shall not exceed 5 years.

The following subparagraphs of FAR 52.212-5 are applicable: 52.204 10, 52.209-6, 52.219-27, 52.219-28, 52.219-28, 52.222-3, 52.222-26, 52.222.35, 52.222-36, 52.222-37, 52.222-41, 52.222-42, 52.222-43, 52.222-44, 52.223-18, 52.225-13, 52.232-33, and 52.242-5.

(vii) OFFER SUBMISSION: Acceptable offer submission is each CLIN listed separately with individual pricing on standard company quote. Include all requisite supporting documentation identified in this solicitation with your offer.

(viii) QUOTES/OFFERS: All quotes/offers will be submitted via email to the Contracting Officer, David Parente at david.parente@va.gov no later than 11:59 PM EST on September 26, 2021. All quotes/offers submitted must include the Solicitation# 36C24721Q1260 and Title in the subject line of the email. Quotes/offers received after this date and time will be not be considered for award.
(ix) To obtain clarifications and/or additional information concerning the contract requirements and/or specifications, submit a written Request for Information (RFI) via email to the Contracting Officer, David Parente at david.parente@va.gov. RFIs must be specific and in question format. All RFIs submitted shall include the Solicitation Number and Title, Contractor Name, City, State, Telephone, Email Address and the RFI question(s).
Questions regarding this solicitation shall be submitted no later than September 21, 2021 at 5:00 PM EST, unless it is determined to be in the best interest of the Government as deemed by the Contracting Officer. Telephone requests for information will not be accepted.
(x) Contact Information

Point of Contact
David Parente
Contract Officer, NCO 7

Ralph H Johnson VA Medical Center
Department of Veterans Affairs
109 Bee Street
Charleston, SC 29403-5799

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