36C24720Q0924 – Sources Sought – Musician for Chapel Services

Jul 31, 2020 | Sources Sought

This is a Sources Sought to conduct market research to determine the availability of small business vendors capable of providing the requirement for Musician Services for Chapel. Please see Performance Based Work Statement for details.

This requirement is for the Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center. The sources sought does not guarantee the issuance of an RFQ. If you have the availability to provide the requirement, please respond to the sources sought with a capabilities statement.

The sources sought is issued solely for information and planning purposes. It does not commit the Government to contract for any supply or service whatsoever. The VA is not, at this time, seeking proposals and will not accept unsolicited proposals. Responders are advised that the U.S. Government will not pay for any information or administrative costs incurred in response to the sources sought; all costs associated with responding to the sources sought will be solely at the interested vendor’s expense. Not responding to the sources sought does not preclude participation in any future RFQ, if any is issued. Any information submitted by respondents to this RFI is strictly voluntary. All submissions become Government property and will not be returned.

Please note that requirements defined to date may change before a final solicitation is released. Sources Sought requirements are as follows:

  1. Please acknowledge if your company is an authorized provider of the of these services.
  2. Submit responses and related information via email to LaTerrica.Sewell@va.gov by 16:30 PM EST, July 31, 2020. Proprietary/Confidential material shall be clearly marked on every page that contains such. Include the name, phone number, and email address of the lead from your organization. VA reserves the right not to respond to any or all emails or materials submitted.

      3. Provide Past Performance (if applicable)

                                                                  PERFORMANCE BASED WORK STATEMENT

                                                                                 Professional Musician


The contractor shall provide spiritual music at each scheduled weekly Sunday Protestant Worship service, two Last Roll Call of Remembrance Ceremonies plus the following additional chapel services with flexible dates according to the Chaplain Service Activity schedule.  Christmas Cantata both uptown and downtown, the CPE graduation ceremony in late September, the Veteran’s National Day of Prayer in November, Good Friday service both uptown and downtown facilities.   Uptown (UD) chapel of Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center (CNVAMC), is located at 1 Freedom Way, Augusta, Georgia 30904-6258 and the downtown chapel (DD) is located at 950 15th Street, Augusta, Georgia 30901. 


The CNVAMC is a dual division medical facility, encompassing a wide variety of Veterans and Active Duty personnel receiving acute medical, Surgical, Psychiatric, Domiciliary, long-term, palliative and outpatient care.  The facility is located in Augusta, Georgia and provides primary, secondary and some tertiary care.  It is the mission of Chaplain Service to provide for the spiritual needs of these Veterans and one way is thru weekly vibrant worship.  Music is a major part of the service.

PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE:  The period of performance is FY21, October 1, 2020 through September 30, 2021. The period of performance is for one year. 

 PLACE OF PERFORMANCE:  Charlie Norwood VAMC Chapels (UD and DD).


Sundays, from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and at other scheduled times based on  the Chaplain Service activity schedule


  1. The Contractor shall be educated/experienced in church/liturgical music and provide sacred music during all Worship Services and other scheduled Chaplain Service activities as listed above.
  2. The Contractor must provide a list of qualified/experienced substitute musicians upon award of the contract.  In the event of illness or other absence from duty, if none of the substitutes can perform, the amount of the contract will be decreased for services not rendered.


Payment will be made when a properly prepared invoice is submitted by the Contractor using the Tungsten e-Invoicing process.  All invoices will be validated by the Chief, Chaplain Service or her/his designee.  Payment will be electronically deposited into the vendor’s designated account.  No paper invoices will be accepted.

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