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Aug 25, 2020 | Sources Sought

SUBJECT: Pest Management Services
Beckley VA Med Center (Sources Sought)
Base + Four Option

DISCLAIMER: This Sources Sought is issued solely for information and planning purposes and does not constitute a solicitation. Neither unsolicited proposals nor any other kind of offers will be considered in response to this Sources Sought. Responses to this notice are not offers and will not be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract. Responders are solely responsible for all expenses associated with responding to this Sources Sought. All information received in response to this RFI that is marked Proprietary will be handled accordingly. Responses to the Sources Sought will not be returned. At this time, questions concerning the composition and requirements for a future Request for Quote will not be entertained.

SUBJECT: The Department of Veterans Affairs is conducting market research in order to provide Pest management services for the Beckley, WV VA Medical Center. The government anticipates a awarding a one Firm Fixed Price contract that will provide the support services listed within the below attachment.

OBJECTIVE: See attachment.


Name and Address of Company
Any small business designation as certified by the Small Business Administration
A through description of experience in managing support requirements of this nature.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Any questions related to this Sources Sought shall be directed to Craig Armagost craig.armagost@va.gov. All information regarding Capabilities Statements or any other proprietary information relative to this Sources Sought shall be submitted via email to craig.armagost@va.gov no later than 1300 (1 pm) EST on Monday 8/31/20.

For Integrated Pest Management and Control Services
Beckley VA Medical Center, Beckley, WV

GENERAL: The Contractor shall provide all supplies, materials, equipment, labor, supervision, management and transportation to perform integrated pest management (all tasks) as indentified herein. All work is to be performed in accordance with the guidelines established by Federal, State (www.epa.gov) and local ordinances and with the Contractor s Procedures Manual and Quality Control Manual. These services shall be performed by certified, trained and licensed pest control operators in any or all categories as required by State of West Virginia. Services shall include surveillance, trapping, pesticide application, and pest removal components. The contractor is to provide detailed, site-specific recommendations for structural and procedural modifications to aid in pest prevention. The period of the contract will be one year (1) from date of award with options to extend services for four (4) one-year option periods.
Time Frame for Service Visits:
Pest management and control services for the areas listed in Exhibit No. 1 Listing of Building Areas to be serviced shall be scheduled prior to the contract start date. The schedule will be arranged by the Contracting Officer s Technical Representative (COTR) and approved by the Housekeeping Officer.
The contractor shall perform routine services that do not adversely affect patient or employee health or productivity during normal operating hours 8:00am- 4:30pm Monday through Friday, except federal holidays.
When it is necessary to perform work outside of normal operating hours or work that may potentially affect patient or employee health, the contractor shall notify the COTR 48- hours in advance. The Housekeeping Officer must approve all work not performed during normal operating hours.
Contractor personnel are required to interrupt their work at any time so not to interfere with the normal functions of the facility. This includes utility services, fire protection systems, and passage of patients, personnel, equipment and carts.
All Integrated Pest Management (IPM) tasks shall be accomplished to meet the guidelines as shown in National Pest Control Association s good practice statements. Copies of standards are available from Housekeeping Officer.
All pest management applicators will be certified by the State of West Virginia in general household pests, rodents and termites. All pest control operations must conform to all Federal, State, and local governing regulations pertaining to the performance of and the use of pest control chemicals and the labeled directions.
Inspection to determine which pest management procedures are appropriate and required.
Recommending environmental sanitation practices that restrict or eliminate food, water, or harborage of pests.
Selection and utilization of non- chemical control methods, which eliminate, exclude, or repel pests (i.e. insect electrocution devices, traps, caulking, air screens, etc.)
Control of general structural Anthropoid pests (cockroaches, ants, carpet beetles, spiders, carpenter ants, bees, etc.)
Control of flying pests (house flies, cluster flies, stable flies, blow flies, fruit flies, etc.) Note: this control shall include annual cluster fly spraying at the appropriate time and established window. This spraying shall be accomplished covering area of Building One.
Control of predatory pests (lice, bedbugs, fleas, mites, ticks, bee s wasps, mosquitoes, scorpions, etc.)
Control of stored product pests (saw-tooth grain beetle, red/confused flour beetles, trogoderma beetles, grain moths, etc.) consists of all required control methods.
Control of mice and rats.
Control of other vertebrate pests (dogs, cats, bats, squirrels, gophers, moles, skunks, snakes, rabbits, birds, etc.)
Food Handling Areas: Treatment of these areas is limited to times when food is being held, processed, prepared, served, and while not occupied by facility employees.
Note: The Contractor personnel shall at no time enter facility elevators, which are occupied by food service equipment while in the possession of pesticides or application equipment.
Patient Occupied Areas: Contractor personnel shall utilize pesticides with as low a volatility and as odor free as possible in order to keep odor levels from affecting patients in these areas.
Critical Areas: The Contractor shall submit a list of pesticides for intended use in areas listed blow for approval by the Housekeeping Officer, Facility Management Service prior to any application. The planned use of pesticides in these areas requires recognition of the attendant hazards to occupants supplies, equipment and surfaces. No substitution can be made at any time without approval from the Housekeeping Officer.
Critical Areas: Pharmacy, Supply Processing and Distribution, Life Support (Operating Room, Intensive& Respiratory Care Units, Flammable and Medical Gas, Food handling areas.
When space treatment is required in these areas, the Ultra Low Volume (ULV) method of pesticide application shall be utilized with approved equipment capable of delivering a particle size range of .5 to 15 microns.
The contractor shall provide a monthly Pest Management report to the Housekeeping Officer with the areas serviced.
The contractor is responsible for supplying, completing and submitting all reports required or requested by federal, state, or local authorities that pertain to the service requirement herein.
The contractor shall use only pesticides that are approved by the United State Environmental Protection Agency and the State of West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection. In addition, the pesticides used shall be approved use in the health care environments.
The contractor shall forward a copy of the material safety data sheets (MSDS) To the Medical Center Safety Manager for review before being used in the facility.
During the months of March through November the exterior perimeter of all buildings listed, and the Medical Center trash compactor will be treated with a residual pesticide submitted by the Contractor and approved by the Housekeeping Officer. Formulations used for exterior treatment must be EPA registered for use in the manner applied.
Due to the complex nature of services required and the imperative necessity of aggressive pest contract in the health care setting, the contractor must have entomologic services available as needed. Entomolic services are defined as services provided by a registered or certified entomologist. In addition, the contractor must possess all necessary and required federal, state or local licenses or permits.
Contractor personnel are required to interrupt their work at any time so as not to interfere with the normal functioning of the facility, including utility services, fire protection systems and passage of facility patients, personnel, equipment and carts.
DISPOSAL OF HAZARDOUS WASTER: The Contractor shall not dispose of any excess pesticide containers or any other materials contaminated by pesticides at any location on the medical facility premises except as specified by the Housekeeping Officer
STORAGE OF PEST CONTROL MATERIALS: No pest control materials or equipment shall be stored or kept at the Veterans Affairs Installation when the operator is not working, without express approval of the Housekeeping Officer, Facility Management Service.
Normal business hours are 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday, excluding Federal holidays.
Some contract tasks may require work to be performed after normal business hours as indicated in the Task and Frequency Chart (Exhibit 2).
Routine: The Contractor shall within 12 hours after receipt of notification by the Contracting Officer or his representative, and at no additional charge to the Government, retreat previously treated areas when inadequate control (as per specifications) was obtained.
Emergency: The Contractor shall within 4 hours after receipt of notification by the Contracting Officer or his representative, and at no additional charge to the Government, perform IPM Services to correct the emergent condition.
Note: Certification shall mean a current Certificate of Competency in pest management in any and all categories as identified by the State of West Virginia.
The Contractor shall provide a detailed list (at time of submission of offer) of all certified professional staff to be utilized in the performance of this contract, including of state certifications and categories of training.
Non-certified employees may assist the supervisor in performance of the work if they are in immediate contact with and visible to the supervisor. The supervisor will assume all responsibility for this work. All non- certified employees must be under close supervision of a certified applicator or technician.
The Contractor shall comply with applicable federal, state and local regulations and guidelines and licensing of pest control operators, performance of pest control and use of approved pest control chemicals and equipment set forth by the EPA and National Pest Control Association. It is the contractor s responsibility to keep abreast and comply with changes in these regulations and codes applicable to the contract so that compliance with all current regulations and codes is maintained.
All the contractor s personnel assigned to performance of this contract shall be clearly distinguishable from VA employees and have visible on their uniforms, the name of the company and employee s name so they are easily recognizable at all time.
Contractor personnel will sign in at the beginning of the scheduled work shift and out at the end of their work shift. This will be done at the Housekeeping Officer, Room BC101 in bldg. 1. Upon signing in at the office, a tentative itinerary for the tour of duty will be provided to the Housekeeping Officer, Facility Management Service or his designee.
Contractor personnel will complete and provide to the Housekeeping Officer, Facility Management Service, an integrated Pest Management Operations Report to include all areas treated and names of chemicals used. This report shall also include all services performed during the work shift to be certified by the Housekeeping Officer, Environmental Management Programs Office.
Contractor is responsible for supplying, completing and submitting all reports required or requested by Federal, State or local ordinances, which pertain to, any duties contained in the contract.
The Contractor will be required to furnish the Veterans Affairs, prior to initial application of Pesticides, Material Safety Data Sheets with the trade names (if any) and chemical names of the chemical as applied and the antidote thereto. Contractor will furnish the same information each time chemicals or products used in the performance of this contract are changed. This information is required by the Medical Service for emergency treatment in the event of ingestion of and/or contact with the material by humans.



Building Square Footage
Mental Health 19834
Intermediate 1,925
Medicine 127,595
Rehab Medicine 3,935
Surgery 9,625
Nursing Home Care Unit 32,210
Clinics 13,906
Dental 5,395
Administrative 47,356
Building 35 15,662
Other____________________________________ 111,232______

All visits shall be made on dates and times mutually agreed upon by the Point Of Contact (POC) or Contracting Officer s Technical Representative (COTR) and the Contractor. The Contractor shall check in daily (upon arrival and departure), but not later than 11 Am., with the Housekeeping Officer, Facility Management Service for special assignments, complaints and messages.
The Contractor will be provided with a schedule of areas to be treated on each facility visit. This schedule will be in four parts, one part to be treated each week on a rotation basis. The entire scheduled area shall be treated by crack and crevice treatment, door and window casings, closets, and other areas normally frequented by insects and rodents.
The Contractor shall fog the main kitchen between the hours of 7:00 am and 11:00 p.m. on a day to be mutually agreed upon.
The Contractor shall fog the canteen kitchen at 4:40 pm. on a day to be mutually agreed upon.
On each scheduled visit the Contractor will spot treat areas from which complaints have been received since the last previous visit?
RESIDUAL TREATMENT: During the regularly scheduled visits, the Contractor shall apply a residual treatment for control of roaches, at least once every month to kitchens, dining room, etc. except where food preparation is in progress, food is exposed, or food contact surfaces are not covered.
The Contractor shall treat all Food Service areas on Monday nights.

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