36C24421Q0026 – Sources Sought – R499–Armored Car Services Lebanon VA Medical Center

Oct 7, 2020 | Sources Sought

THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION. This is a Sources Sought Notice only and is issued to conduct market research and gain knowledge of current market capabilities. Responses to this notice are not offers and cannot be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract. This notice is issued solely for information and planning purposes and does not constitute a solicitation or a guarantee to issue a solicitation in the future. This notice does not commit the Government to contract for any supply or service. All information submitted in response to this announcement is voluntary; the Government will not pay for information requested nor will it compensate any respondent for any cost incurred in developing information provided to the Government. Not responding to this notice does not preclude participation in any future solicitation, if issued. This announcement is based on the best information available at this time and is subject to future amendment.

The Department of Veterans Affairs, Network Contracting Office 4, 1111 East End Blvd, Wilkes-Barre PA is conducting a market survey to identify potential sources to provide a bonded armored truck service for pickup and delivery of cash, deposits, etc. between the Lebanon VAMC (LVAMC) Agent Cashier s cage, Canteen Services, and a financial institution located in Lebanon, PA, 17042. Armored truck service for the LVAMC Agent Cashier is required 5 times per week, and service for the Lebanon Canteen Services is required 3 times per week. Armored truck service for LVAMC and Lebanon Canteen Services can be done concurrently within a single visit. LVAMC requires additional unscheduled pickup/delivery times, when excess occurs.



1. Title of Project: Armored Truck Service

2. Scope of Work: The contractor shall provide all resources necessary to accomplish the deliverables described in this statement of work (SOW), except as may otherwise be specified. The Lebanon Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) requires a bonded armored truck service for pickup and delivery of cash, deposits, etc. from a financial institution.

3. Background: The Lebanon VAMC has a requirement for a third party bonded armored truck services (pick-up and delivery) from the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, 1700 S Lincoln Ave, Lebanon PA 17042-7597 and the Veterans Canteen Service, located at the same address. Pick-up times are from 8:00am to 2:00pm. Armored truck services for the LVAMC Agent Cashier 5 times per week and the Lebanon Canteen Service 3 times per week. LVAMC and Lebanon Canteen can be done concurrently within a single visit. LVAMC requires additional unscheduled pickup/delivery times, when excess occurs. Delivery location Wells Fargo Bank 801 Cumberland Street, Lebanon PA 17042.

Notification of Federally recognized holidays:

Martin Luther King s Birthday Columbus Day
President s Day Veteran s Day
Memorial Day Thanksgiving Day
Independence Day Christmas Day
Labor Day New Year s Day

Any day specifically declared by the President of the United States to be a Federal/National holiday.


The contractor shall provide armored car services such as pick-up and delivery to the
Lebanon VAMC Agent Cashier s cage, Canteen Services and financial institution.
2. The contractor shall provide services between the hours of 8:00A.M. and 2:00P.M.
Monday through Friday. except Federal holidays.

3. The contractor shall provide tamper evident bank bags.

4. The VA reserves the right to modify the pick-up/delivery schedule.


The contractor shall be bonded and licensed in financial delivery services.

Signature book and cash bags will be used for each pick-up/delivery for record keeping purposes. The contractor will sign a Receipt Record Book every time money is picked up at the Agent Cashier’s Office. The record book will include the date, consignee (bank), contents (dollar amount), bag number, number of items and signature of driver/security guard.

The contractor shall obtain all necessary licenses and/or permits required to perform this service. The contractor shall take all precautions necessary to protect person and property from injury or damage during the performance of this contract that is caused by staff of the contractor’s employee’s fault or negligence.

Lateness and No Show: Contractor shall notify the Center and Bank when a pick-up or delivery will be late due to unforeseen events, such as vehicle breakdown, accident or traffic. The notification must state the cause of delay and delivery status. Telephonic request for services may be made by authorized Medical Center personnel.

Accident/Theft/Destruction: Courier(s) must notify the Center within one (1) hour of an accident or the theft, loss, or destruction of government property being transported. To ensure this notification can be made promptly, courier vehicles shall contain appropriate Center s contact names/phone numbers, and radio or telephone equipment.
Company will provide identification picture chart with current authorized couriers. Also, Couriers will carry proper identification.

Shipments shall not be transferred to another courier or courier vehicle after the shipments are picked up, except in emergency situations, such as vehicle breakdown.

Retention of Collections: Daily collections are not to be retained by the Contractor, or their personnel, overnight. All collections shall be delivered the same day that they are picked-up by the Contractor.

Certificates: Any certificates of training or education that the driver and/or attendant have had that pertains to this type of service shall be furnished to the Contracting Officer.

Vehicles: Vehicles used in the performance of this contract shall be registered and inspected and meet all minimum vehicle requirements as mandated by Federal, State and Local Laws, rules, regulations and guidelines governing armored vehicles.

Contractor shall Provide all personnel, supervision, transportation (secure vehicles), and labor (armed professional guards/drivers) necessary to perform the driving, pick-up, and delivery of cash from and to the specified locations. All personnel shall have the skills, knowledge, and training to satisfactorily perform the services required. Contractor will be responsible for training, providing uniforms, equipping, supervising, and discharging employees.

Delivery shall be made to: Wells Fargo Bank, 801 Cumberland Street, Lebanon PA 17042

General information about your company to include
Company Name:
Company Address:
Company DUNS:
Company NAICS Code(s):
Point of Contact Name:
Point of Contact Phone Number:
Point of Contact Email Address:
Company Website (if available):

Response due: 9am EST on October 9, 2020 via email to joann.chukinas@va.gov and include the Sources Sought Notice Number in the Subject Line

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