36C24420Q1143 – Sources Sought – 6515–Scireq Flexivent System

Oct 2, 2020 | Sources Sought

Notice of Intent to Sole Source

This is a notice of intent to award a sole source/brand name contract and is not a request for competitive proposals. The Pittsburgh VA Medical Center, University Drive C, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has a requirement for a brand name Scireq flexivent FX2 system, FEV extension for mice, installation of system and training. The system will be utilized for the research of sleep apnea in mice and rats. The data collected during the study will eventually be utilized to make advances in the care of people diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. The VA has located only one vendor capable of providing the requested equipment.

This notice is being posted so that any unknown vendors who can provide these items may come forward and express their interest and capability in providing the Scireq flexivent system to the VA. If your company/organization is capable of providing the required items, provide your entity s capability statement to Edward Ferkel, Contract Specialist by 4:30 p.m. Thursday, October 8, 2020 via email to edward.ferkel@va.gov. In addition to your capability statement also provide any applicable distribution agreements regarding Scireq flexivent FX2 systems, the size and socioeconomic status of your company, and any other information pertinent to this requirement. Reference Procurement ID number 36C24420Q1143 in the subject of the email.

***This is not a request for quote, no quotes should be sent in response to this notice.

Statement of Need:

General Scope: The contractor shall be responsible for providing all items listed. This includes installation and training.
Items being procured are as follows:
– FV-FXCS flexiVent® Complete System Solution
FV-FX2 flexiVent® FX2 system, 4.2 ml stroke
FV-FXB flexiVent® FX Base Unit

FV-FXM2-01 flexiVent® FX Module 2, 4.2 ml stroke, field serviceable

FV-FXA-23 FX adapter for modules 2 & 3

SW-FW8.1 flexiWare software version 8.1 full license

FV-FXY-23L Y-tubing Kit for use with FX Module 2 & 3

FV-TL-MS-01 flexiVent® test load kit – small
-flexiVent baseline testload for module 1 or 2
-flexiVent constricted testload for module 1 or 2

XS-CK18 Cannulae & covers, 18g, beveled
– Pack of 4 cannulae & covers

FV-FXGKS Gas integration kit (small) for use with FX Modules 1, 2 & 3

FV-SBS-01 Subject Bed for flexiVent®, Small

XS-PM-30 Pressure manometer 3.0 kPa

KD-DT22-7 Dell Desktop computer with Windows 10

CS-SDA Scientific support for data analysis and review
Negative Pressure Forced Expiration [NPFE] extension, for mice

– FV-FEV1 flexiVent® FEV extension for mice

FV-FEV-PSC-02 flexiVent® FEV negative pressure controller

FV-FEV-PR4 flexiVent® FEV pressure reservoir, 4L

PC-IS1 Plethysmograph assembly for single intubated mouse

FV-FEV1-VA Valve assembly for murine FEV extension

UT-DPD-02 Digital precision differential pressure transducer, 0.2 kPa nominal

– Remote Installation & Training

– CS-ITW Introductory Training – Web Conference Block of 2 hours 4

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