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(d) This Sources Sought is issued by VISN 2 Contracting Office in Canandaigua, NY for the purpose of collecting information for the installation of an environmental monitoring system in the Data Center and Telecommunication Switch Room at the Veteran Affairs New Jersey Health Care System. The VA is seeking to provide for this requirement as soon as October 2021. The requirement is detailed in the attached Statement of Work.

(e) Cursory market research has identified several small businesses that may be able to provide for this requirement. Contractors that are able to meet the requirements in the attachment are encouraged to email a capability statement and full information to Lisa Harris at

– Part of the purpose of this sources sought is to determine the viability of set aside to a specific socio-economic category. Contractors shall identify the NAICS code for the services being offered as well as their size status under said NAICS. This information will be used to determine the viability of a set aside for this requirement.

– Contractors shall also identify any Federal Supply Schedules that may carry the desired services.
– Contractors shall identify pertinent point of contact for company, contractor DUNS number for size standard and socioeconomic verification in SAM and VIP.

– Contractors shall include any relevant comments about the Attachment(s) if applicable.

Statement of Work
Department of Veterans Affairs
New Jersey Healthcare System
Lyons Campus Requirement

Background: The Veterans Affairs New Jersey Health Care System (VANJHCS) is a consolidated facility comprised of two main campuses, one in East Orange and one in Lyons. The Lyons Campus Data Center and the Telecommunication Switch Room have a requirement for the installation of environmental monitoring system. The environmental monitoring system is needed to monitor environmental factors that can affect the performance of the computer equipment located in the Data Center and the Telecommunication Switch Room.

Scope of Work:

Contractor will provide the following installation services of the equipment listed below at both the Lyons Data Center in Building 10, and the Telecommunications Switch Room in Building 10:
Install 1 RLE wireless gateway, two (2) leak detection cables, 20
temperature/humidity sensors.

Program and configure with provided IP addresses, by the VA, all gateway and temp/humidity sensors.
Place wireless sensors throughout the space.
Set up all alarms, temperature/humidity
thresholds with email address provided by the VA.
Confirm system is reading all sensor information.
Confirm Eaton Visual Power ManagerVisual Power Optimization Manager (VPM/VCOM) can see all information into software.
Confirm Lyons campus can communicate with gateway.
Test all sensors to confirm all is in working order.
Include all installation costs, travel for a complete onsite installation.

Safety Requirements


Period of Performance

Period of Performance: All work shall be completed in 90 calendar days upon Contractor receipt of executed contract.

Place of performance

The Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) equipment will be installed at the following VA location:

VANJHCS Lyons Campus
151 Knollcroft Road
Lyons, NJ 07939

Delivery of the equipment purchased will be to the VANJHCS Lyons Campus, 151 Knollcroft Road, Lyons, NJ 07939


Contactor will test and verify all equipment after installation to ensure equipment functions per factory specifications.