36C24221Q0140 – Sources Sought – 6515– Hologic ThinPrep processor lab kits & solutions Type: Standard, base + 4

Oct 28, 2020 | Sources Sought

DUE: 11/03/2020
NAICS: 334516
POP STATE: Not specified
AGENCY: Department of Veterans Affairs

James J. Peters VA Medical Center
130 West Kingsbridge Road
Bronx NY 10468-3904
POC: Lateisha Robinson | Lateisha.robinson@va.gov

DESCRIPTION: NOTICE OF INTENT TO AWARD A SOLE SOURCE CONTRACT TO Hologic for Thin Prep processor reagents and supplies for Bronx VA Healthcare System. Market research was conducted and determined that Hologic is the only vendor capable of providing supplies & service necessary that meet the requirements.

James J. Peters VA Medical Center
130 West Kingsbridge Road
Bronx, NY 10468
General Information
Title: Thin Prep 2000 Processor

Scope of Work: The James J. Peters VAMC Cytopathology department currently seeking to purchase reagents and supplies for cytology testing under the terms of an Indefinite delivery Indefinite Quantity Agreement. The contractor shall provide all resources necessary to accomplish the deliverable described in the Price/Cost sheet listed below for the Cytopathology Laboratory at the James J. Peters VA Medical Center.
Background: Cytology is the examination of cells from the body under a microscope to detect infectious agents to benign and malignant tumors. There are different techniques to prepare cytology specimens: direct smearing, cytospin preparation, and Thin Prep preparation using Thin Prep 2000 Processor. The direct smearing and cytospin preparation often create thick smears, obscuring debris or inflammation covering the infectious agents or cancer cells which can be challenging for the screeners to make appropriate diagnosis. However, a gentle dispersion step in Thin Prep 2000 Processor breaks up blood, mucus, non-diagnostic debris, and thoroughly mixes the cell sample creating thin layered and less overlapping slides. Also, the Thin Prep 2000 Processor constantly monitors the rate of flow through the ThinPrep Filter during the collection process in order to prevent the cellular presentation to be too dense or too scant creating uniform distribution of cells on the slides. Thin Prep 2000 Processor eliminate limitations from other methods of preparation and allowed to provide more accurate and comprehensive results.
Type of Contract: Firm Fixed Price.

The contractor shall provide, service, and all supplies to the Medical Center as cost per kit. The contractor shall perform to the standards in this contract. James J, Peters will provide an estimated volume of reagent required based on FY2019. This is reflected on the attached spreadsheet. Pricing shall be based on the average volume of reagent used. The Government estimates the volumes listed in the attached spreadsheet, does not guarantee volumes as listed; they are ESTIMATES ONLY.

Terms of Agreement:
The awarded contract shall be in effect from the date of award with four (4) additional Option Years.

Service & Support
Service and support agreements are critical to provide excellent and continuous quality of care by ensuring optimum performance of testing equipment and require the following:

Technical support telephone hotline for troubleshooting available 24 hours per day from Monday to Friday.
Same day service call back response is required within 4 hours for unresolved issues using the telephone hotline technical support
On site field service is required within 24 hours for repairs.
In person technical support is required for preventive maintenance, and equipment repairs.
Service agreement shall include all cost for part, labor and preventive maintenance to ensure optimal equipment performance.
UPS maintenance, repairs, or replacement is required during life of the contract.
Detailed service reports are required after each service call.

Price/Cost Sheet:
Pricing shall include maintenance and support of the existing Thin Prep 2000 Processor instrument, including service, replacement parts, and preventive.

NonGyn Filters
Cat# 70205-001
Laboratory Kit
Cat# 70137-001
Preservcyt Solution Vials
Cat# 0234005
Cytolyt Solution 32 oz red
Cat# 0236004
Cytolyt Solution collection Cups blue 30 ml
Cat # 0236050
ThinPrep microscope slides
Cat# 70372-001
Physician kit Brush/Spatula Combo
Cat# 70136-002

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