36C24121Q0841 – Sources Sought – N045–Replace Steam Hot Water Heater Building 7

Sep 8, 2021 | Sources Sought

Department of Veterans Affairs
Veterans Health Administration (VHA)
Sources Sought Notice Removal and Replacement of Steam Water Heater at Manchester VAMC – Building #7
This is a Sources Sought notice and not a request for quotes. This request is solely for the purpose of conducting market research to enhance VHA s understanding of your company s offered services and capabilities. The Government will not pay any costs for responses submitted in response to this Source Sought Notice.
This Sources Sought notice provides an opportunity for respondents to submit their capability and availability to provide the service requirement described below. Vendors are being invited to submit information relative to their potential to fulfill this requirement, in the form of a capability response that addresses the specific requirement identified in this Sources Sought, please ensure that you indicate your DUNS number on your response.
The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is seeking to obtain a qualified vendor to provide Removal and Replacement of Steam Water Heater per the general requirements below. The standard of services shall be of quality; meeting or exceeding those outlined in the general performance work statement as described below.
Refer to the Performance Work Statement section below for the requested service description. This Sources Sought is to facilitate the Contracting Officer s review of the market base, for acquisition planning, size determination, and procurement strategy.

The Steam Hot Water Heater in Building #7 at Manchester VAMC has reached the end of its serviceable life and requires replacement.
A replacement unit is to be sized correctly and installed with Johnson Control building management system interface. Additionally, any equipment updates will be installed to bring the unit to code compliance.

Project Tasks


This Project consists of removing old Steam hot Water Heater and replacing it with a new properly sized Steam hot Water Heater. Inspect and correct any deficiencies in the piping that is associated to this unit. Ensure that all start-up paperwork is complete and submit at the end of the project. Engraved labels will be installed on the unit for power supply location (Panel and breaker #). A excel spread sheet will be provided to fill out on all equipment installed for tracking. (BSE spread sheet)

Provide all equipment, tools, labor, and support services to replace the existing Steam hot Water Heater unit, correcting any issues with the piping and /or any update to be code compliant. All isolation valves and check valves will be replaced as well.

The New unit is to be reinsulated and labeled for direction of flows.
Engraved Label will be installed on the unit noting Electrical panel location and breaker #.
Startup will be witnessed by the COR or boiler plant supervisor.
All startup paperwork from the manufacture will be filled out and submitted to the COR.

Additional Requirements:
Any work on the roof must be done in a manner that will maintain the warranty on the roof.
Do NOT mount electrical switch for the unit over access panels, name tag information, or in a manner that obstructs the lifting points for the unit itself.
Startup must be witnessed by approved VA personnel (Boiler Plant Supervisor or COR) and full startup data should be provided to VA in a report.
Provide training for VAMC personnel on the unit and its controls.
Provide Operations and Maintenance manuals for the new unit, a Minimum of two complete sets.
Ensure daily reports are filed with the COR to follow progress.

DELIVERABLES The Contractor will submit to the contracting officer for approval:
Cut sheets and other manufacturers information regarding the unit proposed for installation and replacement units.
SDS s for all chemicals that will be used on site must be submitted for approval before chemicals are brought on site.
Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA) for the project.
Provide for review and approval: Safety plan that is job specific ( lock out/ tag out) ( electrical safety program and training records for workers performing work on site; OSHA 10 hour safety training for all workers performing work on site; OSHA 30 hour safety training records for site superintendent.
Daily progress reports will be provided to the COR.
Provide Operations and Maintenance (O&M) information for all equipment provided under this contract. The O&M shall include manuals for maintenance, installation, and repair of the equipment; cut sheets for all materials used on the project; as-built plans for the installation. Also fill out the BSE tracking spreadsheet of all equipment installed, provided by the COR.
Provide training on operations and maintenance of the equipment provided under this contract. Contractor shall provide qualified, factory trained manufacturers’ representatives to give detailed instructions to assigned Department of Veterans Affairs personnel in the operation and complete maintenance for each piece of equipment. All such training will be at the job site. Training shall be at least 4 hours total in length or until the VA s shop supervisor is satisfied.
All equipment certification, recycling/disposal documentation must be provided to the Contracting Officer Representative for review, acceptance, and retention by the VA GEMS Coordinator.

Other Considerations for the Proposal

The provisions of all applicable NFPA, OSHA, EPA, and VA codes, Federal, State, and local regulations shall be followed throughout the course of this project. Applicable VA publications and design manuals are available to the successful bidder at www.va.gov/facmgt.

Please allow two weeks for the review of submittals when planning schedules.

VA personnel familiar with the facility’s physical plant and structures will be available during the field investigations. It is expected that the Contractor will view the site and verify all information necessary for the development of the work plan.

All debris shall be transported from the work site in covered containers. Dumpsters also must be covered while they are on VA property.

Any work impacting life safety shall be scheduled a minimum of two weeks in advance. This includes, but is not limited to, any work requiring a shutdown of the fire alarm or sprinkler system, any work that will leave a clear path less than four feet wide in a corridor, any work involving lifting (crane) operations, and any work that will close a building exit.

Construction activities are not to interfere with patient care or the operation of this facility

End of day cleanup of the work area(s) is Mandatory. There will be no exception to the daily clean up requirement. Construction waste will be appropriately stored. Storing construction waste near a storage trailer is not permitted.

Hot Work Permits (for welding, brazing, soldering, torch cutting, grinding etc.) are to be applied for through the COR. Penetration permits for any wall or slab penetrations shall also be required.

If the work plan includes requirements for respirators fall prevention, hazardous materials, lockout / tagout, or confined space entry, then the Contractors written programs must be included in the document.

All hazardous materials must be submitted for review and approval by the Medical Center before they can be brought on site. Wherever possible, it is anticipated that the least hazardous materials necessary will be used.

There is no internal bulk storage on VA property. However, there is some space for parking storage trailers, permission for which must be applied for through the COR. The contractor must furnish their own storage trailers.

Contractor vehicles, including those of their employees, are to be parked in Lot D.

Smoking is Not permitted at this Facility.

Work shall occur during normal administrative hours (7:00 AM to 4:30 PM, M-F, Holidays excluded).
Off hours must be review and approved in advance through the COR.

There will be one opportunity to visit the facility to review site conditions.

Specifications for this Contract:

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