24-3252 – Sources Sought – Sources Sought: Transmitted Light Microscope and Camera

Jun 11, 2024 | Sources Sought

This is a Request for Information – SOURCES SOUGHT ANNOUNCEMENT. IT IS NOT A SOLICITATION, NOR DOES IT GUARANTEE A SOLICITATION WILL BE ISSUED. The purpose of this Sources Sought Announcement is to gain knowledge of potential business firms that have the technical capabilities and capacity required of the government.  Responses to this Sources Sought Announcement will be used by the Government in making appropriate acquisition decisions. Please note: REQUESTS FOR A SOLICITATION WILL NOT RECEIVE A RESPONSE.

Any information submitted in response to this Sources Sought Announcement is strictly voluntary.  The Government will neither award a contract solely based on this notice, nor pay for any information submitted by respondents.  Failing to provide a response to this announcement will not prohibit/exclude an interested vendor from participating in a future solicitation.  


The NOAA Fisheries Alaska Fisheries Science Center (AKFSC), Resource Assessment and Conservation Engineering (RACE) Division, Recruitment Processes Program (RPP) requires the purchase of a transmitted light microscope and camera for creating and documenting high-quality observations and images and calibrated and comparable measurements of larval fish bones and other features. 

The Recruitment Processes Program (RPP) is responsible for producing zooplankton and larval fish data at the highest quality that contributes to the sustainable management of Alaska’s marine resources. As the needs evolve to incorporate more ecosystem data into the stock assessment process, RPP is working to generate new and innovative data products to contribute to the Ecosystem Status Report, Ecosystem and Socioeconomic Profiles, and enhance the biological realism of modeling tools (bioenergetic, IBMs, etc.)

Technical Specifications / Essential Salient Features:
Vendors interested in responding to this announcement shall only provide information for transmitted light microscope and camera that include a minimum of the following specifications:

Transmitted Light Microscope
●    100W, 12V halogen illumination (transmitted light)
●    Lamp housing 107/2, 12V 100W, 1-lens
●    Focusing drive 3-step
●    Focusing telescope for PH & ICT
●    ErgoStage with Ceramic Plate f. DM2-3000
●    Ergon. tilting phototube HC L1VT 0/4/4
●    Eyepiece HC PLAN
●    Condenser achr.-apl. A 0.9 (P), CC
●    Light ring slides PH1-3-CL; DF-CL
●    Optionally equipped for dark field, phase contrast, polarization contrast, fluorescence, and DIC
●    Height adjustable focus knobs
●    Symmetrical operation of focus and coaxial drive
●    Choice between 6- and 7-fold objective nosepiece
●    2- or the optional 3-step focusing mechanism
●    Slide holder one hand slide change
●    12-bit/channel RGB quantifiable images
●    C-mount HC 0.55x

Interested vendors are requested to provide the following information in response to this Sources Sought Announcement:

1. A statement that you believe your firm has the capability to meet all above stated requirements, including:
a. A technical specification sheet for the product describing salient features in detail. Alternates to any salient features must identified and must be described in detail.
b. Location of manufacturing to include Country, State, City (as applicable)
2.  Delivery schedule.  Please include the soonest reasonable date that delivery may be possible to a US (Seattle, WA) address.
3. Your firm’s SAM.gov Unique Entity Identification (UEI) number & CAGE code
4. Your firm’s SBA certified small business concern status.  Specifically identify if your firm is HUBZone-certified, Service Disabled Veteran Owned, or in the SBA’s 8(a) program, etc.  If your firm is not small, please state that it is a large business.

The North American Industry Classification Code (NAICS) is 334516 with a size standard of 1,000 employees.

No entitlement to payment of direct or indirect costs or charges by the Government will arise as a result of the submission of contractor’s information.  The Government shall not be liable for or suffer any consequential damages for proprietary information not properly identified.  Proprietary information will be safeguarded in accordance with the applicable Government regulations.

This request for information does not constitute a commitment, implied or otherwise, that a procurement action will be issued.

Responses shall be provided to Christie Lang via email at [email protected] no later than 5:00 PM (Eastern Time) on Friday, June 21, 2024.

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