2121301CV275 – Sources Sought – Repair of 02 potable water valve boxes

Mar 19, 2021 | Sources Sought

The USCG is seeking interested sources for the attached statement of work. 

  1. Conduct repairs and electrical work for two potable water valve boxes:
    1. Providing demolition of the existing electric heaters, thermostats, heat trace cables, visual and audible alarms, and related wiring as necessary.
    2. Providing (2) new electric heaters 350-watts with integral thermostat, (2) plug-in pipe heat trace cables 6-watts per foot, (2) visual alarm red beacons, (2) audible alarm vibrating bells, (2) alarm control relays, (2) GFCI receptacles, (2) fiberglass foil backed piping insulation and tape.
    3. Providing conduit and wiring for 120-volt power from the existing sources to each of the (2) Cutters’ potable water valves for the heater and heat trace cable.  The heater and heat trace cable will be GFCI protected so if the GFCI power to the heater or heat trace cable trips the audible and visual alarms will be activated via the alarm control relay.  Upon reset of the GFCI protection the alarms will silence and heat power restored.
    4. Test and ensure all equipment is working properly.
    5. Dispose of all removed equipment.  

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