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EMAIL: danielc@gousvba.org

Daniel Connor is CEO and founder of Rams Head Solutions, a company that provides Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) consulting, services, and operations to military and first responders. In 2014, he transitioned from the Marine Corps, after a successful career as a combat decorated Naval Aviator, Marine One Presidential Helicopter Pilot, and military attaché. Following his military service, he served as the Vice President of Operations for Transparent Media and vMocion, a licensing and management company that brings medical technology to the media and entertainment industry.

As CEO of Rams Head Solutions, he oversees the establishment and growth of a UAS services and operations company on the cutting edge of the rapidly expanding market of aerial based data acquisition and management. Rams Head Solutions is at the nexus of the worlds of aviation and data management, and has become a leader in the field, partnering with police, fire, FAA, local governments, and industry to ensure that the disruptive technology of UAS is integrated effectively, safely, and without disruption to current operations.

While serving as a Presidential Helicopter Pilot, flying Marine One, he was responsible for testing, evaluation, and implementation of new aircraft equipment for the presidential helicopter fleet. He managed the introduction of a new cockpit design into the current fleet, greatly improving safety and decreasing pilot workload. He integrated the work of test pilots, engineers, and aerospace industry professionals to meet the strict requirements of an aircraft certified to carry the President of the United States and developed enduring performance standards to ensure proper aircrew training.

Upon completion of this tour, he was hand selected to serve as the US Naval Attaché to Pakistan, where he was an integral part of the team that reestablished working lines of communication after a diplomatic breakdown following the Osama bin Laden raid. The relationships he developed with key leaders of both nations, and the mutual understanding he fostered was instrumental in deescalating multiple points of tension during his tenure. He maintains close relationships with many of the leaders, diplomats and military officers he served with from around the world.

After transitioning from the Marine Corps, he served as the Vice President of Operations for vMocion, as they introduced groundbreaking medical technology into the media and entertainment industry.

Daniel has degrees in History and Political Science from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and has a working knowledge of the Urdu language. He frequently speaks to various civic and professional organizations on his experiences while in the military. He resides in Newport Beach, CA, where he serves as President of the Board of Directors at the US Veteran Business Alliance, a 501(c)(3) that provides veterans entrepreneurs and business owners with tools and relationships to start, sustain, and grow their businesses.