2020-EH0C0812EH – Sources Sought – Turbo Supercharger, Engine

Sep 17, 2020 | Sources Sought

Sources Sought Notice: 2020-EH0C0812EH

Item Name: Turbo Supercharger, Engine

NSN: 2950-01-220-3253

Government Part #:  N/A

Manufacturer Part #: 466176-1

Quantity: 404 each with 100% Option

End Item: M5 – M113 FOV, Block I Modification   

Response Date: 30 September 2020

Requirement Description:

The Turbo Supercharger, Engine are specifically designed turbo supercharger for application to the  M113s, to increase the pressure of the air provided to the engine and thus increase power produced by the engine. The cost associated with creating an Turbo Supercharger that meets these criteria would most likely be considered cost prohibitive to most manufacturers.  If a manufacturer was to create a part they would have to submit a SAR.  The SAR would require the manufacturer to fund the manufacture and testing of their Engine Alternator. 

The Government does not possess the Technical Data Package (TDP), detailed drawings and performance specifications for these items. This is not a developmental effort. Current approved design by MTU America Inc. (72582) or GARRETT turbochargers (08179). 

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