1FL2369 – Sources Sought – Other than Full and Open – General Services Administration (GSA) seeks to lease the following space

Mar 16, 2021 | Sources Sought


General Services Administration (GSA) seeks to lease the following space:





Delineated Area:

N: Research park

S. Ingenuity Dr

W: Discover Drive

East: Technology Parkway south to Science Dr

Minimum Sq. Ft. (ABOA):


Maximum Sq. Ft. (ABOA):


Space Type:


Parking Spaces (Total):

150 parking spaces must be available on-site for government vehicles (secured and surface per breakdown below)

Parking Spaces (Surface):


Parking Spaces (Structured):


Parking Spaces (Reserved):

Full Term:

2 Months

Firm Term:

2 Months

Option Term:

Additional Requirements:

Offered space may be located on no more than one contiguous floor.

The U.S. Government currently occupies office and related space in a building under a lease in Orlando, FL, that will be expiring.  The Government is considering alternative space if economically advantageous.  In making this determination, the Government will consider, among other things, the availability of alternative space that potentially can satisfy the Government’s requirements, as well as costs likely to be incurred through relocating, such as physical move costs, replication of tenant improvements and telecommunication infrastructure, and non-productive agency downtime.

Offered space must meet Government requirements for fire safety, accessibility, seismic and sustainability standards per the terms of the Lease.  A fully serviced lease is required.     

Expressions of Interest Due:


Market Survey (Estimated):


Offers Due(Estimated):


Occupancy (Estimated):

June 2021

Expressions of interest must include the following information:

  1. Building name and address and location of the available space within the building
  2. Rentable square feet available, and expected rental rate per rentable square foot, fully serviced
  3. ABOA square feet to be offered, and expected rental rate per ABOA square foot, fully service.  Indicate whether the quoted rental rate includes an amount for tenant improvements and state the amount, if any.
  4. Date of space availability
  5. Building ownership information (evidence of ownership, or authority to offer signed by owner).
  6. *Amount of parking available on-site and its cost.  Include whether expected rental rate includes the cost of the required Government parking (if any)
  7. Energy efficiency and renewable energy features existing within the building
  8. List of building services provided
  9. If known, are Building, space, and parking accessibility in compliance with ABAAS?
  10. If known, are Building, space, and parking compliance with fire and life safety and seismic requirements?
  11. If known, are Building, space, and parking compliance with ISC and Publication 64 security standards?

Send Expressions of Interest to:

E. Government Contact:


Johnny F. Anderson Jr.

Lease Contracting Officer


7771 W. Oakland Park Blvd. Suite 119 | Sunrise, Fl 33351

O: 954.233.8397 


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