140P2021R0016 – Sources Sought – J–PERL 264852 Pearl Harbor National Monument Replace Shoreside Dock at Pearl Ha

Nov 3, 2020 | Sources Sought

The purpose of this project is to replace the existing two concrete floating dock sections at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center shoreside dock area with two new post-tensioned, pre-fabricated floating dock sections of approximately the same size dimensions (each 90¿ L x 15¿ W x 8¿ D). The new dock sections will be equipped with skid resistant coatings, anodized aluminum rails and gates, mooring cleats and fenders, a dive ladder and a davit for lifting heavy items into/out of the water. The two existing pedestrian gangways will be replaced with new gangways and the existing guide piles that secure the dock sections in place will be removed. In addition, a new shoreside structural mooring system will be installed on the land to provide stabilization for the new dock and gangways.
The shoreside dock provides the only access to the USS Arizona Memorial for over one million visitors annually. This project will extend the life cycle of the dock to a 20-30 year period ensuring safe, stable and continued visitor access to the USS Arizona Memorial which is a major destination for many US and international visitors to Hawaii. It reduces risks and hazards for the visitors and enables the park to meet it¿s mission.

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