12653820QPBIO – Sources Sought – Market Research Pac Bio Supplies

Sep 24, 2020 | Sources Sought

This is a Sources Sought Notice for the purchase of Pac Bio laboratory instruments.  This Sources Sought is part of market research (FAR Part 10).  Nov award will be made based on responses received.

Please see specifications:

  -101-843-100 SMRT bell ExpTPK2+EnzClean Up+SPv2      2 each

 -100-667-601 Sequel Pipet Tips v2 (40 racks/case)                2 each

-100-621-300 Sequel SMRT Cell Oil                                         5 each

-101-820-200 Sequel IISequencing Kit 2.0 (4 rxns)                   8 each

-101-597-900 Sequel Sequencing Kit 3.0 (4 rxn)                        4 each

-101-531-000 SMRT Cell 1M v3 Tray                                          1 each

-101-389-001 SMRT Cell 8M Tray                                               8 each

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