11529385 – Sources Sought – Medical Gas

Sep 4, 2020 | Sources Sought


THIS IS A Sources Sought Notice Only. The U.S. Government is seeking vendors that may be able to perform this requirement in order to support a competitive procurement.

The Bayne-Jones Army Community Hospital, Fort Polk, LA has a requirement for the following Medical Gas (compress and liquefied): Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Medical Air, and Helium. Request for identifying potential small or large businesses capable to delivering Routine, Emergency, Bulk Tank, and Cylinder medical gases. Vendor must properly handle, store, and transport medical gas cylinders in accordance with all local state and federal requirements.

The Government does not intent to make an award on the basis of this Sources Sought notice or otherwise pay for the information solicited herein. This notice is for the purpose of identifying potential sources and does not commit the government to make an award and/or issue a solicitation.

Supplies/Services requested:

1. Liquid Oxygen QTY: 7,200 Cubic Feet

2. Liquid Nitrogen, Small Dewar QTY: 350 Liter

3. Oxygen USP Size D CGA 870 QTY: 325 Cylinder

4. Oxygen USP Size 200 CGA 540 QTY: 50 Cylinder

5. Nitrous Oxide USP 56 LB CGA 326 QTY: 32 Cylinder

6. Nitrogen NF Size 200 CGA 580 QTY: 48 Cylinder

7. Carbon Dioxide 50 LB Siphon CGA 320 QTY: 60 Cylinder

8. Carbon Dioxide USP 50 LB CGA 320 QTY: 36 Cylinder

9. Carbon Dioxide USP Size E CGA 940 QTY: 35 Cylinder

10. Oxygen USP Walk-O2-Bout MRI Size AWBMRI QTY: 24 Cylinder

11. Lung Diffusion Size 200 QTY: 2 Cylinder

12. Medical Air USP 200 CGA 346 QTY: 6 Cylinder

13. Rental Carbon Dioxide 50 LB Siphon QTY: 365 Cylinder

14. Rental Carbon Dioxide USP 50 LB QTY: 365 Cylinder

15. Rental Carbon Dioxide USP E QTY: 365 Cylinder

16. Rental Oxygen Size Walk-O2-Bout-MRI QTY: 365 Cylinder

17. Hydro or Requalification Test QTY:12 Cylinder

18. Tank Rentals, Oxygen USP Size 200; Nitrous Oxide USP 56 LB; Nitrogen NF Size 200; Lung Diffusion 200; Medical Air USP 200 QTY: 3000 Cylinder

19. Bulk Hazmat Charge per Delivery QTY: 37 Cylinder

20. Bulk Delivery Charge QTY: 37 Cylinder

21. Delivery Charge per Delivery QTY: 55 Cylinder

22. Hazmat Charge per Delivery QTY: 55 Cylinder

23. Cylinder Maintenance Fee QTY: 175 Cylinder

24. Helium HE BL200 QTY: 1 Cylinder

25. Helium HE 200 QTY: 1 Cylinder

26. Food Grade Grade Carbon Dioxide QTY: 12 Cylinder

In response to this sources sought, please provide:

1. Name of the firm, point of contact, phone number, email address, DUNS number, CAGE code, identify business size (large business or a small business), and if applicable, a statement regarding small business status (including small business type(s)/certification(s) such as SDB, 8(a), HUBZone, SDVOSB, WOSB, etc.), and the corresponding NAICS code.

2. Identify whether your firm is interesed in competing for this requirement as a prime contractor or not. Identify subcontracting, joint ventures or teaming arrangement that will be pursued, if any.

3. Identify any condition or action that may be having the effect of unnecessarily restricting

competition with respect to this acquisition. Please contact the MEDCOM Small Business Programs Office, Mr. Jesse Keller, at jesse.l.keller6.civ@mail.mil or 210-295-7180, if you believe that this action is unreasonably restricting competition. Include the subject of the acquisition, this announcement, and the MEDCOM POC information from the Beta.SAM.gov notice. Provide the specific aspects that unreasonably restrict competition and the rational for such conclusion.

4. Questions and Responses to this Sources Sought/Market Research shall be submitted via email to Albert A. Lee, albert.a.lee.civ@mail.mil and Maria Cachola, maria.d.cachola.civ@mail.mil  by the date/time listed below.

(1) Questions may be submitted by 5:00 p.m. CDT, 8 September 2020. The subject line shall read: “Questions for Medical Gas (Compressed & Liquefied), PANCHA-20-P-0000 011454.”

(2) Responses for this Sources Sought/Market Research are due not later than 2:00 p.m. CDT, 10 September 2020. The subject line shall read: “Questions for Medical Gas (Compressed & Liquefied), PANCHA-20-P-0000 011454.” All responses shall be submitted in either Microsoft Word or Portable Document Format (PDF) format, and shall not exceed 10 pages total.

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