CLIN 0001 7690-01-462-7257       LABEL KIT                                             3M (76381)         P/N 3MNKITB  3Z

CLIN 0002 4940-01-525-1228       LINER KIT, CUP, PAINT                    3M (76381)         P/N 7010029840 3R

CLIN 0003 5965-01-572-7941       HEADSET-MICROPHONE 3M (76381)         P/N 7010384232

CLIN 0004 5965-01-618-8042       HEADSET,ELECTRICAL                     3M (76381)         P/N MT20H682BB-09 CY

CLIN 0005 5965-01-664-0961       EARPLUG TACTICAL                         3M (76381)         P/N 7100066023


CLIN 0001 – AMC/AMSC IS “3 Z”

AMC   "3”   Acquire, for the second or subsequent time, directly from the manufacturer

AMSC Z.  This part is a commercial/nondevelopment/off-the-shelf item. Commercial item descriptions, commercial vendor catalog or price lists or commercial manuals assigned a technical manual number apply. If one source is available, AMCs 3, 4, or 5 are valid. If at least two sources are available, AMCs 1 or 2 are valid (When one or a limited number of sources are available, then a J&A is required. When an item is coded with AMSC “Z” and is listed on an interchange catalog or appears on a commercial cross reference list, this constitutes full and open competition and a J&A is not necessary).             


CLIN 0002 – AMC/AMSC is “3 R”

AMC   "3”   Acquire, for the second or subsequent time, directly from the manufacturer

AMSC R.  The Government does not own the data or the rights to the data needed to purchase this part from additional sources. It has been determined to be uneconomical to buy the data or rights to the data. It is uneconomical to reverse engineer the part. This code is used when the Government did not initially purchase the data and/or rights. If only one source has the rights or data to manufacture this item, AMCs 3, 4, or 5 are valid. If two or more sources have the rights or data to manufacture this item, AMCs 1 or 2 are valid.


The AMC/AMSC for CLINs 0003,0004 and 0005 is  “3 D

AMC   "3”   Acquire, for the second or subsequent time, directly from the manufacturer

AMSC “D "  The data needed to acquire this part competitively is not physically available, it cannot be obtained economically, nor is it possible to draft adequate specifications or any other adequate, economical description of the material for a competitive solicitation.

AMCS 3, 4, or 5 are valid.

Please review the NSNs listed above and provide any sources that may be able to manufacture these items. The approved sources for this NSN are currently listed above.   All information may be submitted directly to the Contract Specialist listed above. This information must be provided by the response date indicated above. 

Should a company wish to be reviewed and qualified as an “Approved Source”, they may submit an application package through the DLA Land and Maritime Alternate Offer/Source Approval Request (SAR) Program.  A SAR package contains all technical data needed to demonstrate that the prospective contractor can competently manufacture the product to the same level of quality or better than the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).  The onus is on the contractor to document and demonstrate their product is equal to, or better, than the currently approved item which DLA Land and Maritime is procuring. 

For further information, please reference the DLA Land Maritime web page shown below and click on the highlight: Alternate Offer/Source Approval Program for detailed explanation for the information and format necessary for a SAR and for the SAR approval process.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.