089495-23-A-0013 – Sources Sought – Parking Lot Paving

Nov 22, 2022 | Sources Sought

A. The Contractor must provide all material, labor, tools, plant, supplies, equipment, transportation,
superintendence, temporary construction of every nature, and all other services and facilities
necessary to complete the pavement improvements and related work of a postal facility for the
Postal Service, including all incidental work described in the contract documents.
B. The scope of work includes improvements necessary to complete a pavement resurfacing project
as follows and as indicated in the construction plans. All work shall be in accordance with applicable
codes and local regulations may apply. In case of conflict in or between the Contract Documents
and a governing code or ordinance, the more stringent standard shall apply.
All work under this contract shall be done in conformance with the township of Springfield
Standard Specifications, latest Asphalt Specifications, MassDOT Construction Manual, and
USPS Standard Design Criteria Handbook, the latest edition of American Standard for Nursery
Stock; the Plans and these Special Provisions.

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