08142020 – Sources Sought – REQUEST FOR INFORMATION – SOURCES SOUGHT – Germany Air Mail Terminal (GAMT) III

Aug 16, 2020 | Sources Sought

The GAMT operation is dedicated to providing postal receipt and dispatch of all military mail handling, distribution, postal equipment and supplies originating and destined to and from military, Department of Defense (DoD) civilians and contractor personnel assigned within the European Theater and other Areas of Responsibility. The primary customers serviced through this facility are members assigned to the military forces and civilian components using Army and Air Force Post Offices (APO). This operation services all military locations within the European Theater, as well as other international destinations and all Continental United States (CONUS) designated delivery destinations.

The Government welcomes feedback on the attached documents. This Sources Sought RFI is not a formal request for proposal. Proposals are not being requested in response to this Sources Sought RFI and will not be evaluated. Comments are due no later than 15:00 CEST on 11 September, 2020. Please submit your comments to both the Government points of contact indicated below.

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