This Request for Information (RFI) announcement is to identify any interested sources before soliciting non-competitive acquisition per FAR 6.302-1 “Only One Responsible Source” for a modification to Contract W31P4Q-19-P-0135 in support of the IBCS Initial Operational Test & Evaluation (IOT&E). This is not a solicitation for proposals and no contract shall be awarded from this announcement.

The requirement of this acquisition is to purchase four Vertical Actuators and five Horizontal Actuators, and add additional period of performance to the current contract, W31P4Q-19-P-0135., for IBCS EMD development efforts through 2nd Qtr FY22.

Unlike traditional acquisition programs that focus primarily on the development of a single system or platform, the IAMD Program is uniquely structured to enable the development of an overarching System of Systems capability with all participating Army Air Defense components functioning interdependently to provide total-operational capabilities not achievable by the individual element systems. The Army IAMD program achieves this objective by establishing the Army IAMD architecture and developing the IBCS that provides EOCs implementing common Mission Command capability, an IFCN capability for fire-control connectivity enabling distributed operations, and the common P&F B-Kits located on the EOCs and the IFCN Relays that network enable existing sensor components and weapon components with the IBCS.

The Government does not currently have a technical data package for this requirement.

All responses shall be submitted to the U.S. Army Contracting command, ATTN:  CCAM-SM-C/Bryan Luchsinger/Damesha Williams, Building 5250, Redstone Arsenal, AL  35898-5280 or  email and courtesy copied to IAMD Project Office, ATTN:  SFAE-MSL-IAB/Mary Brown, Building 5250, Redstone Arsenal, AL  35898-5280 or email mary.f.brown111.civ Your written responses are required by 1500 CDT 21 Sep 21.  All questions and comments must be in writing (electronic email responses are acceptable), and no telephone calls will be accepted. The submission of this information is for planning purposes and is not to be construed as a commitment by the Government to procure any items, nor does the U.S. Army intend to award on the basis of this request for sources sought or otherwise pay for the information solicited.

Classification Code:

NAICS Code:  333995

Contracting Office Address:

Building 5250 Martin Road

Redstone Arsenal, AL 35898

Place of Performance:

ACC-RSA – Program Executive Office for Missiles and Space, Integrated Air and Missile Defense Project Office ATTN:  SFAE-MSL-IA, Building 5250, Martin Road, Redstone Arsenal, AL  35898-8000

Point of Contact:

Damesha Williams